Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Italian Adventure

It has been many years since I have used this blog, originally an art "website" for me, it became obsolete once I had my true website was launched in April 2012. Now after so many recent requests I am returning to this blog o use it as it was originally intended, to write a blog!

What is the reason I agreed to try this blogging thing out? What I refer to as "The Italian Adventure". 12 days ago I left northern Canada with my two young children, my son Kai 5 yrs, and my daughter Sadee 3 yrs. We flew to Rome then jumped on a train to Florence. The city of the Renaissance. We are here for the next 3 months to live, go to school,  immerse ourselves in the Florentine culture and have an "Italian Adventure".

So to begin this blog, never having done one before, here is my first journal entry from Jan 13th, 2014.

The Beginning    Jan 13th, 2014

First off, the cappuccinos are to die for.
Florence - it's like walking through a world trapped in time. Old buildings, narrow stone streets, architecture that stuns the mind it is so grand, beautiful and intricate yet at the same time this is a place at the cutting edge of modern times. High fashion, elegance, everywhere you turn screams "style".
Somehow woman in heels fur and fine leather glide through the mazes of cobblestone streets, while old men pedal by on rickety bicycles piled high with fresh bread. The merging of ancient and modern times is seamless.
It is all so beautiful and inspiring as it makes you feel as though you are part of (or at least an intimate witness to) the past as well as the present. It's inspiring, art is everywhere, and everything around has a touch of "wonder to it".

                                          Florence at Night
                                         The top of the city
Walking to school
                                          Walking home from school.

Next time, more about art school.  

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J Dowell-Irvine said...

Sounds so lovely Jen, I saw your show at the Arts Centre in Whitehorse it was awe-inspiring! The cappuccino ... sounds heavenly... Look forward to seeing some more posts.